Web Ninja School: Testimonials


"The course was very good! The lecturer was professional. Arrangement, course costs and the rest of the administrative stuff were perfectly fine."
Example Project: http://www.dudesetmeup.com/

Yochay Ettun

"Every developer or group facing a new web project should not decide on the technology before they are acquainted with the RoR platform. This course offers an excellent introduction and really teaches how RoR tools creates the skeleton of your application in no time at all"

Shaul Peled

"For anyone who is interested in learning the Ruby on Rails web development framework, I highly recommend this course."

Ben Bakhshi

"An excellent course for starting up with Ruby on Rails."

Uri Gordon

"It was a very serious course, professionally tought by an experienced teacher, great to start discovering the exciting ruby world!"

Emanuel Fadlun